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Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Helen Daymond

B.Ed., M.Sc., C. Psych.

Helen Daymond is a registered psychologist and founder of ACCESS psychology. In collaboration with her multi-disciplinary team of professionals, the unique needs of each individual client are assessed and met within a safe, welcoming and home-like environment. Helen and her team work together to provide multiple therapy services to  children, teens, young adults & their families at one convenient location.

After obtaining undergraduate degrees in psychology and education, Helen earned her M.Sc. in Counselling and Educational Psychology from the University of Calgary. She then completed specialized training in Child Therapy at The Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute in Calgary, Alberta. Helen has acquired extensive experience providing psychological assessments and treatment to children, youth and families in various settings including schools, children’s mental health agencies and private practice settings.

Her experience with a wide range of behavioural, social-emotional and developmental issues includes helping children and youth learn strategies to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, build self-esteem and develop social skills. It also includes providing psychoeducational, behavioural and social-emotional assessments to identify and address learning, attention and/or behavioural problems that interfere with school success.

At ACCESS, Helen conducts psychoeducational and social-emotional assessments. She also provides treatment to address a variety of mental health concerns that her young clients present with. Helen consults and coordinates with other team members as they work together to best meet the unique needs of each individual child/teen they treat.


Anishka Leis

M.A. Psychology

Anishka Leis obtained her Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto. Prior to this, she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from McMaster University. Anishka has extensive experience conducting diagnostic, psycho-educational, and social-emotional assessments for young children, adolescents, and young adults presenting with a variety of difficulties. She has worked in both hospital and private practice settings.

At ACCESS Psychology, Anishka specializes in diagnostic assessments of children and adolescents with attentional, developmental and learning issues. She brings to our team a passion for uncovering the missing pieces that block our young clients from achieving their true potential. She also highlights personal strengths and characteristics, which together help us to understand each individual as a whole.

Dietitian/ Nutritional Therapist

Lori Short-Zamudio


Here at ACCESS we focus on a holistic approach to healthy minds and bodies! We believe in the basics of healthy eating, proper nutrition and exercise as key contributors to overall physical and mental well-being. What, when and how much we eat directly effects our moods and emotions as well as our energy levels and overall behaviour. Lori brings many years of experience in pediatric nutrition to our ACCESS team.

Her areas of expertise include: body image/eating disorders, picky eating; including sensory/texture issues, feeding issues, gastrointestinal difficulties, Type I & Type 2 diabetes, as well as general nutritional counseling.

From toddlers to teens, Lori addresses a variety of eating issues. She provides an introduction of foods to picky eaters. She also works with children who have sensory sensitivities to foods with certain textures, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In addition, Lori focuses on body image and healthy eating, utilizing techniques such as mindfulness and intuitive eating. This is based on Set Point Theory which suggests there is a certain weight range each of us are naturally programmed to weigh and our bodies tend to fight to maintain that particular weight. Lori is very passionate about her work with teens, as well as the growing number of children at younger and younger ages developing issues around weight and body image.


Stacey Rennehan


Stacey obtained her Masters of Social Work at McGill University in 2005. She also holds a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Dalhousie University as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from St. Mary’s University. Stacey is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Stacey has been working with children and adolescents for more than twenty years. Her work has allowed her to develop extensive clinical experience with children, adolescents and families dealing with various mental health and behavioural challenges. Stacey has experience working with homeless and at-risk youth, children in care (Children’s Aid Society), children and adolescents in residential treatment (Children’s Mental Health), children and adolescents experiencing barriers to academic success as well as families and youth in private practice settings.

Stacey’s clinical approach is client centered, strengths based and eclectic. She weaves together various counseling philosophies and treatment modalities including Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Child and Family Therapist



Karen Robinson-Renaud is passionate about teaching parents, kids and teens how to thrive despite the struggles they face. She has been working with children, teens and parents for over eighteen years. Karen obtained her Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto. She also holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and social work, from the University of Western Ontario. Karen has extensive training in behaviour therapies such as: Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. At ACCESS Psychology, she specializes in working with children and teens struggling with symptoms related to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, mood disorders and anxiety disorders. Karen loves helping youth and their parents to reconnect to their strengths and learn new skills, so they can skillfully navigate their challenges.


Christina Bodington


Christina is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Specialization Degree in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal Quebec. Christina is fluent in English and French, and is able to conduct therapy sessions in both languages.

Christina has been practicing within the field of psychology for over 12 years, providing both individual and group therapy. She works from a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy lens, while integrating other approaches, such as mindfulness and Applied Behavioural Analysis principals. Her experience includes working with children and adolescents who are dealing with a variety of elements that affect their daily lives, such as anxiety, depression, symptoms of ADHD, and challenging behaviours. Additionally, her blend of education, training, and experience assists her in providing guidance to parents. By focussing on parents’ strengths, Christina is able to promote and support positive, successful parenting.

Psychotherapist (RP)

Lauren Vance

B.Ed., M.Ed. (Student)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Child and Youth Care from Ryerson University, and a Bachelor of Education (primary and junior divisions) from the University of Toronto. Lauren is currently completing her Master of Education in Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Toronto (June 2020).

Lauren approaches therapy from a cognitive behavioural perspective, while also taking the young person’s development into consideration. She conducts individual therapy with children and adolescents with a variety of presenting concerns including anxiety, anger management, emotional regulation, and self-esteem. Lauren also works with parents; providing strategies and education on how to help their child apply what they have learned in therapy to other settings.

Lauren’s experience also extends to creating and facilitating group therapy programs for children and adolescents. The programs she has developed have focused on strengthening emotional regulation skills, social skills development, learning strategies to manage symptoms of ADHD and coping skills for symptoms of anxiety.


Melissa Bell


Melissa Bell received her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Guelph. She has extensive training in psychoeducational and psychological assessment, as well as the treatment of children, adolescents, and families who are experiencing a variety of difficulties. Melissa has worked in school, hospital, and private practice settings.

At ACCESS Psychology, Melissa provides treatment for individuals experiencing a range of mental health challenges. With training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Melissa provides support that is integrative in nature, and tailored to the individual needs and development of each client. With the ultimate goal of supporting the emotional functioning and well-being of her clients, Melissa may work at the individual, parent, dyad, or family level when providing her services.

Behaviour Therapist

Ruby Khan


Ruby obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology and then continued to peruse her passion and interest in her graduate studies earning a Master’s degree in Applied Disabilities Studies with Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis. Ruby is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Ruby has extensive knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis and has worked in the mental health sector for more than 4 years with adults and children with developmental and mental health diagnoses. She provides behavioral treatment for clients who are engaging in challenging behaviors that are negatively impacting their everyday lives. These behaviors can range from physical/verbal aggression to noncompliance. Ruby also addresses personal goals set by parents or guardians such as social skills development, independent living skills, and communication skills. At ACCESS Ruby specializes in working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) as well as children presenting with significant behavioural concerns without a diagnosis. She skillfully works with parents and youth to help mange problem behaviors at school and at home as well as gain skills needed for the community. Ruby is a dedicated, organized and extremely positive therapist with a passion for supporting individuals with behavior issues.

Utilizing a holistic, comprehensive, child-centred approach, Helen and her team co-ordinate services as they identify and respond to the individual needs of each client they work with.