Postivies & Negatives


Technology is forever changing, and while there are many positive aspects associated with these changes it also amplifies the struggles young people face these days. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are great ways for youth to connect. However, while there are many benefits to social media there are a lot of risks as well. Tweens and teens today struggle with their relationships, self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Social media changes the way they communicate, learn, sleep and exercise. Spending too much time on electronics can prevent young people from participating in sports and other activities that help to protect them from depression. They also suffer from new conditions such as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which results in feelings of loneliness and isolation.


The increase in the use of social media by tweens and teens has also taken bullying to a public platform. In fact, cyber-bullying has become the most common type of bullying they are likely to experience.Those with weaker social skills are the most vulnerable and can experience significant stress, anxiety and depression as they try to navigate their way around these social platforms.

Peer Pressure

Social media use takes peer pressure to a whole new level as well. For example, many teens don’t foresee the lifelong consequence that sexting explicit pictures can have on their lives. Also, platforms such as instagram place an emphasis on physical looks and appearance while undervaluing important character traits such as kindness, compassion and being a good human being. They can also result in feelings of anxiety and depression as young people are constantly viewing the “perfect posts” of others, which often leaves them feeling inferior and like they don’t measure up. In fact, recent studies have shown a significant decrease in mood after scrolling through social media posts for as little as several minutes.

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