Servicing Port Perry, the Durham region and surrounding areas

Psycho-Educational Assessment

Psycho-Educational Assessment

It consists of an assessment of psychological aspects of learning and academic skills. Psychological aspects include:

  • Intelligence (ability)
  • Verbal and visual learning
  • Memory
  • Attention/concentration
  • Visual-motor integration (eye-hand coordination for pencil-paper tasks)
  • Planning and organizational skills


Academic skills include:

  • Reading (phonetic skills, sight vocabulary, reading comprehension & fluency)
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics (calculation skills & word problems)

Our Team

Helen Daymond is a registered psychologist and founder of ACCESS psychology. Helen, along with her multi-disciplinary team of professionals interact with all of their clients, to ensure they attend to each of their individual needs, while also making them feel at home. They work together to provide multiple therapy services to meet the many needs of their children, youth & families at one convenient location.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist: Brenda McGuckin, B.Ed., M.H.Sc., SLP(C)
  • Psychometrist: Anishka Green, M.A. Psychology
  • Dietitian/Nutritional Therapist: Lori Short-Zamudio, BAS.c, RD
  • Administrative Assistant: Lauren Patton, B.A. (Honours) Psychology
  • Psychologist: Helen Daymond, B.Ed., M.Sc., C. Psych.


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