Group Sessions & Workshops

We are excited to announce that Access Psychology will be offering group sessions this coming year for Children and Adolescents in Port Perry and the surrounding Durham/York Regions.

Group Therapy helps children/adolescents gain a feeling of acceptance from their peers that they may not commonly receive and helps with self esteem.

Some of these groups and workshops include:

“Kids Kinect” Social Skills Group
“Stress Less” Stress Reduction Group for Teens
“Addiction Awareness” Workshops for Youth & Parents
Offered This Season….

Children Ages 6-11

“Kids Kinect” will begin mid-February and is being held at our Port Perry office. This group offers a safe place for children ages 6-11 to learn and practice new strategies for building positive communication and friendship skills.

For more information on this upcoming group session or any of Access Psychology’s workshops; please contact us at (905) 982-0606. We are located in Port Perry, Ontario and provide therapy and counseling services to adolescents and children in the Durham Region, York Region and all surrounding areas.

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