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In order to continue providing therapy services during a time when most needed, we have moved to a secure virtual platform.

This surreal situation we find ourselves in, requiring social distancing & social isolation, can potentially impact children and teens in many different ways. For some anxious youth, home can become a safe bubble where stressors associated with the academic and/or social pressures of going to school or facing fears of any kind out there in the world, have been removed. For other children and teens, feelings of sadness, loneliness, worries and fears about the future and the unknown, or just trying to deal with a lack of structure and routine, can lead to emotional distress.

There are also many new stressors placed on families; whether it’s trying to work from home with young children or the financial pressures associated with a lack of work or reduced income, parents are also trying to cope. This is a time when everyone’s mental health is more critical than ever and we’re here to help, whatever your concerns may be.